"Travel is the best learning a child can get, especially when the teacher is his/her mom."

Little Passports is a novel concept in the kids travel space for India. We organise educative travel tours for kids aged between 3 to 15 and kids will be accompanied with mother/father. The concept resonates with today's parents who value 'learning by doing.'

These trips are in tandem with popular school holidays. The trips are age appropriate and the child will be accompanied by an adult. We ensure special care of their needs like kid friendly food, activities according to energy levels etc.

We engage younger children in the tours by accumulating new experiences along with the joy of travel. For elder kids, the tours aim at not only travel but also to attain new skills and hone present ones.

Little Passports envisions to be synonymous with unique destinations coupled with the mother and child bond.

The founder Prachi Kagzi is a travel evangelist and mother of a five year old. She has been in the corporate world for over 7 years before deciding to follow her passion of kids and travel. She and her husband like to travel to off the beaten path destinations. She has helped many in her family and friends plan their travel for the last decade.
why travel with us
Little Passports founder Prachi has travelled over 45 countries and still counting. She has been travelling independently since a young girl and has the sense of a World traveler. She has lived abroad in her formative years and has thereby become adaptable to new environments. She has travelled extensively with her son from age 3 months and aspires to turn all those travels with her son into trips for Little Passports.
by Prachi Kagzi
"The World is a Book, and those who do not travel read only a page"
And to turn our kids into avid readers we must TRAVEL, Travel, travel! Kids learn multi-fold in trips as they are exposed to many experiences, simultaneously. A new country, cultural aspects, landscape, weather, family bonding, group decisions and many more. An U.S. Department of Education study found that kids who travel did better in reading, math and general knowledge than their peers who didn't travel. Travel is a valuable part of a child's education that "contributes to cognitive growth and stimulates a child's sense of wonderment," says Dr. William Norman, associate professor in parks, recreation, and tourism management at Clemson University in South Carolina. "Providing kids with the experience of travel broadens their horizons and opens up their minds to learning" he says. It also shouldn't be a surprise to learn that adults who experienced educational trips in their teenage years were more likely to attend college and earn a higher income. According to a consumer travel survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association and Travel Effect, learning-focused travel impacts academic performance and career growth. The data found that adults who took educational trips in their youth make 12 percent more per year and were significantly more likely to graduate from college than those who did not take such trips. Prachi Kagzi, travel curator for Little Passports, who considers herself a travel evangelist, lists out some benefits from her personal experiences:
Research is Fun
Research is Fun
The Pre-Internet days, we spent weeks researching places through books, making detailed notes and opening up the humongous atlas during or our family voting sessions as to where to go! I think that was part of what made every trip for us so exciting, knowing just enough to get us interested, yet still recognizing that we wouldn't really know what it was like until we stepped off that plane and saw everything with our own eyes.
Strengthening Family Ties
Strengthening Family Ties
My mom is very energetic on trips. She believed in immersive travelling and would point out flora, fauna, local customs and the most random things to us. This made us build stronger bonds as we didn't have to worry about the daily chores or homework with her! Long road trips were never my number one choice, but I do have some fond memories of sharing inside jokes with my brother on them. Travel brings out the best in you.
Befriends The Situation
Befriends The Situation
I remember so many bad situations on the trips but as kids we learned to embrace them and move on. Whether it was the gigantic Iguana at my door in Langkawi, fuelling my Herpetophobia or spending the night in the almost-non-maintained hotel on a religious trip. Sometimes you even find the humour in them.
Combat Boredom
Combat Boredom
On trips there would be no time to spare taking in all the sights and smells but if there was the odd hour where there was nothing to do, I wouldn't run to my mom (Mom, I am bored!), instead I started taking to sketching or even counting tiles! You become more self-reliant and respect everyone's space.
Conde Nast Traveller India
"This company isn't kidding about travel" by Conde Nast Traveller.
Bangalore Mirror
"Highways and Byways" by Bangalore Mirror.
"The kiddie traveller has arrived" by Mid-Day.
The Hindu
"Around the world" by The Hindu
DNA - Daily News & Analysis
"How to travel like a Millennial" by DNA.
The Financial Express
"One-of-a-kind travels" by The Financial Express.

How it Started

Little Passports germinated due to the extensive enquires Prachi would get for exotic locales and feedback on her encounters. Although, so many of her family and friends would take keen interest she noticed hardly any of them actually went. She realised it could be due to the fact that these places are out of their comfort zone or they lack company for these trips.
Thereby she thought to follow her passion of kids and travel and incept Little Passports. Little Passports will give parents and kids the luxury of taking the road less traveled along with the safety of group travel. The tours will give the feel of travelling like a local however with the comfort of home.

Past Trip Experiences


Rolling Hills of the Nilgiris

Flight into Coimbatore, Transfer to Resort (approx 2 hrs)
Bonding Time in pool
Discover the Trees Activity

Toy Train and Farm Visit
Kids Activity
Indoor Games
Dinner & Magic Show

Tea Factory Tour
Spice Plantation Trek
Adventure Activity (age permitting)
Dinner & Cultural Show

Nilgiri Chocolate Making demo
Depart for airport

Itinerary for trip to Mauritius

Flight into Mauritius. Transfer to Hotel
Lunch & Unwind
Activity Session for Kids
Local cultural show & Dinner

Orientation to Snorkel in the azure sea to see marine life and corals.
Lunch & Rest
Build Sandcastles at the beach
Visit to local centre to see production process of local crop
Visit Botanical Gardens for giant turtle interaction (if time permits)

Dolphin Watching Tour
Visit to animal park to interact with African Animals up close! ( Lunch at park )
Paddle & Kayak at sea
Dinner & Star Gazing

Glass Bottom Boat
Lunch & Visit to Waterfalls
Depart for Airport to catch flight back home with a whole lot of Little Passports memories.

Itinerary for the trip to Sada Pind Punjab Trip

Flight into Amritsar, Transfer to Hotel
Visit the Wagah Border for Indo-Pak soldier ceremony
Kids Activity

Drive to a Rural Farmland for traditional lunch and local farm activities.
Watch local Martial Arts

Visit to Golden Temple
Lunch at a local Dhaba
Depart for airport to fly back with a whole lot of Little Passports' memories.

Itinerary for the trip to roar and growl

Flight into Rajkot, Transfer to Sassan Gir (3 hours)
Packed Lunch enroute
Nature Walk
Dinner & Star Gazing

Kids' Activities
Visit to Safari Park (2 hours)
Afternoon Jungle Safari (3 hours)
Dinner (recommend an early night)

Early morning Jungle Safari (6-9 am)
Breakfast & Kids' activities
Lunch & Pack up
Depart for Rajkot to fly back with a whole lot of Little Passports' memories.

Itinerary for the trip to north east

Flight into Guhawti, Transfer to Plantation Stay (4 hours)
Snack and Unwind
Walk in the Tea Gardens and Visit the production process

Drive to the Brahmaputra River for Dolphin Watching in traditional open wooden boat
Visit local tribal village
Dinner (recommend an early night)

Early morning drive to Kaziranga National Park for Elephant Safari (5am-8am)
Jeep Safari (optional)
Lunch & Siesta
Kids' activities

Depart for Guhawti to fly back

Itinerary for the trip to Festive Fun in Dubai

Flight into Dubai. Transfer to hotel.
Splash away at Legoland Water Park.
Dinner at Riverland (optional)

After breakfast, Legoland Dubai awaits you!
Bonding Time (at Pool)
Dinner at Mall of Emirates (optional)

After breakfast, head to MotionGate Park.
Kids Activities
Play at the beach at JBR and Dinner (optional)

After breakfast, visit King croc at Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium
Time at leisure at Dubai Mall
Visit Ski Dubai (optional)
After Dinner, Kids Activities

After Breakfast, finish last minute shopping!
Depart for Airport to catch flight back home with a whole lot of Little Passports memories.

Itinerary for the trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Flight into Nagpur. Transfer to lodge ( approx 2 hours)
Lunch & unwind.
Guided Nature walk with Naturalist to the nearby lake to unravel the beauty of birds, insects , reptiles and wild flowers. If you are lucky, you can spot the elusive jackal.
Bonding time with the group ( kids activities at the Gazebo)
Dinner and Rest ( recommend an early night)

Morning Safari (6.30 am - 11 am)
Lunch & Siesta.
Watch a Wildlife documentary over Tea Time
Star Gazing Session ( weather permitting) after Dinner.

Morning Safari ( 6.30am -11am )
After Breakfast enjoy a Demo from a local artist and try your hand at local arts.
Lunch & Pack up.
Depart for Airport to catch flight back home with a whole lot of Little Passports memories.

Itinerary for the trip to Rishikesh

Flight into Dehradun.
Transfer to resort (approx 90 minutes)
Rock Climbing.
Bonding time with the group
Star Gazing Session (weather permitting) after Dinner.

White water Rafting on the Ganges
Lunch & Rest
Medium level hike to visit a mountain village.
Dinner & Bonfire

River Kayaking
Lunch & Rest
High Ropes Course and Acquire some Camping Skills

Early Morning Yoga Session
Depart for Airport to catch flight back home with a whole lot of Little Passports memories.

Itinerary for the trip to Slovakia

Arrival day, transfer from airport to Tatra Mountains. Settle in accommodation & meet everyone at Dinner followed by a Movie night.

7 am Wake up
8 am Breakfast
9 am Introductory games (Kids VS Instructors) & learn basic Slovak words
10 am Ski/Snow Board
1 pm Lunch
3 pm Dog Sledging
5 pm Snacks
6 pm Group Bonding
8 pm Dinner
9 pm Bonfire

7 am Wake up
8 am Breakfast
9 am Ski/Snow Board
1 pm Lunch
3 pm Horse Carriage
5 pm Snack time
6 pm Group Bonding
8 pm Dinner
9 pm Search & Rescue Demo

7 am Wake up
8 am Breakfast
9 am Excursion to Belianska Cave
1 pm Lunch
3 pm Cable Car up to summit (Incase weather is bad, Aquacity)
Kids can have a Snow Mobile ride for additional cost.
5 pm Snack time
6 pm Group Bonding
8 pm Dinner
9 pm Folk Music

7 am Wake up
8 am Breakfast
9 am Ski/Snow Board
1 pm Lunch
3 pm Build your own Igloo
5 pm Snack time
6 pm Group Bonding
8 pm Dinner
9 pm In the Kitchen (make your own Pirogi - Cheese Dumplings)

7 am Wake up
8 am Breakfast
9 am Ski/Snow Board
Advanced Skiers will be given the option of Ski-Joring
1 pm Lunch
3 pm Treasure Hunt in the Snow
5 pm Snack time
6 pm Santa Claus will visit and give presents!
8 pm Christmas Dinner (eat the Pirogi you made!)
9pm Bake Cookies for Christmas Day!

8 am Wake up (Relaxed)
9 am Breakfast (eat your baked cookies!)
10 am Snow Show Hike uphill
1 pm Lunch on the Top
3 pm Slide down the hill using Spades
5 pm Snack time
6 pm Visit church & listen to carols!
8 pm Dinner
9 pm Visit Village House and take pictures in folk costumes!

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Prachi Kagzi, Founder
Little Passports (India), 411 Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai